Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS)

Hardware Recommendations

  • For the PACS Server: choose a MacPro with 4TB of storage to store up to 25 millions of CT images. We highly recommend a RAID system: for example, you can install 4 identical hard disks in the MacPro, and format them as a RAID 5 system. You'll have faster performances, and a more secure system (no data are lost if a drive fails). You can also use an external RAID system, connected through FireWire or Thunderbolt for best performances (Promise VTrak, Promise Pegasus, LaCie RAID towers). By using Xsan system you can even build unlimited PACS storage by federating multiple hardware

  • For the PACS Clients: choose iMac or MacPro, depending if you need to do 3D post-processing or only 2D viewing. If needed, connect a Medical monitors (Totoku, Eizo, ...). A SSD is highly recommended for best performances when loading the images. Select at least 8-GB of RAM

  • Build your network on a 1-GB or faster Ethernet hardware. Select high performances active routers